Showdown at high spoon

If you're not one for parties with formal table settings, there is a simple that will keep you from committing a cutlery gaffe. Start with the outermost and work your way in. There is an exception a soup spoon may be needed before you get to the next fork on the far left but it should be obvious that even the most rigid person doesn't forks for soup.      

Bread is the most common way people mess up on etiquette, at least in the minds of those with an eye for such things. Instead of sitting into a whole roll, put it on your bread plate and tear off bite – size pieces to butter and eat. You should also check your napkin use once everyone at your table is seated unfold the napkin and lay it across your lap. When you finish eating and leave the table, loosely crumple your napkin to hide any stains and set it to the left of your plate.


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